I’ve always wanted to write blogs.I thought they are a great way to express my creativeness(is that even a word haha).But what to write about??

I’m no expert in anything! I’m an ex-hospitality / customer service worker that’s now a stay at home mum (and the web knows how many mummy bloggers there are!!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading some mummy bloggers,but I didn’t want to write about that. So what to blog about..??

Then I discovered The Daily Post and their One-word Challenge:where they post a word and invite anyone to write whatever they feel about that word.

Challenge accepted!

Now I have somewhere to start 🙂 Whenever I feel like writing but not sure exactly what I want to write I can take their challenge and let the rambling begin.

Apology, that’s the word for today.

Which got me thinking:

Why do we apologise any more?? Do people really mean it when they apologise? Sure we all know that we are meant to apologise when we hurt,upset,anger someone,but sometimes it feels like people are only saying it because they’re meant to, because it’s the right thing to do.

Perfect example of this is my kids. Miss 9 accidentally hurts master 5 while playing.He comes running to me crying,telling me what miss 9 did and she yells from across the room,”So..rryy” full of snarl and not sounding sincere at all.Yes its my job as her parent to explain that’s not what an apology is and the reason why we apologise,but sometimes it feels like that’s all society does: apologise because they have to not because they mean it.

I could go on giving examples: Politicians, Sports people,trolls etc but I’m sure there’s a few that readily come to your mind already.

How about instead, we be sincere.We as a society try harder at not having to apologise,by thinking more of others,thinking what our words/actions could do.

And maybe,just maybe, Sorry will become obsolete



First blog post

Ive never written a blog before, I never knew what to write 🙂

My mind tumbles along its own merry path

I’m never sure where it will travel to next

So take my hand,follow along ,let’s enjoy the ride together…..